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JIra-vpn integration



How can integrate Jira, which is only available via VPN?

thank you


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your posting. Are you using TestRail Cloud or a self-hosted server installation?

For the full push/lookup integration, TestRail needs to be able to connect to JIRA. If JIRA is installed on your private server/VPN behind a firewall, then such a connection from TestRail Cloud isn’t directly possible. To use the full integration, you would have the following options:

  • Make your JIRA instance available for connections over the Internet (I recommend talking to your IT team for this; we can also provide the IP addresses of our servers so you only need to approve our IPs for connections)

  • You can also install TestRail on your own local server and we can provide the necessary details for this

  • If you just want to try the full integration for now, you could maybe also temporarily set up a cloud trial instance of JIRA just to try the connection:

Alternatively you can also already use our full URL-based integration plus our full native JIRA add-on integration, as this doesn’t require any kind of TestRail -> JIRA connection. This would only be required for the push/lookup integration. So our full add-on integration would also already work in your case:



Does this work for VPN? because if not - it’s useless…


Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your reply! We haven’t reviewed the documentation provided by Joseph however it seems to be related specifically to integrating Bitbucket with JIRA and not related to TestRail. As Tobias mentioned previously, it would be possible to connect TestRail to your JIRA instance behind the VPN if you’re able to make the JIRA instance available for connections over the internet. Otherwise you can also install the TestRail Server edition on your VPN if you would prefer this route. Feel free to email us at if you need any specific assistance whitelisting IP addresses or have any questions specific to your environment and we’d be happy to help. Hope this helps!



So maybe josephsmith000007 needs some additional attention for that many useless posts?

PS: thank you for your information, I solved my problem in another way)