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Jira User Stories not integrating over into TestRail


I created a User Story in Jira and filled out the Summary and Description.
Once completed – I clicked on *add test Cases from the TestRail: Cases section in Jira:
see Screenshot
Once I navigated over to TestRail, the Test Case presents empty – pretty much not Migrating the information over from Jira into TestRail
How can this be solved?


Hi Tony,

The Add Case button is meant for linking issues to cases in TestRail to set up the link between JIRA and TestRail:

Once linked, you will see the cases/results in JIRA and can look up the issue details in TestRail (e.g. by hovering over the issue ID).



Just so I understand
If user 1 Creates a User story in Jira with the Summary and Description then Clicking on Add Test Case which pushes this story into Testrail (And Linking the two together) the Summary and description will migrate over as well into TestRail?


To further elaborate:
The overall goal is to help reduce admin work between two teams. If team one is creating user stories in Jira then Migrates the story Over into Testrail then has to again write out the story in the blank fields in TestRail, it’s quite pointless to promote this feature.

So I just want to make sure what’s written in Jira then pushed to Testrail is copied over successfully



The Add Case feature just passes the issue ID to the regular add-case form which results in the link between the JIRA issue and the TestRail test case when you save the new case. The add-on currently does not pass the summary and/or issue description but we are happy to look into this as an additional feature, thanks for your feedback!