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JIra to TestRail Plugin

Hi, so encounter a pretty sever problem this morning that I think needs addressed and answered to here.

Experienced a problem with the TestRail db that caused some dead-locking that in turn caused the front end to be unresponsive. However, aside from that , experienced a whole other problem with Jira.

With TestRail unresponsive, the plugin kept trying to connect to TestRail (through the apis I presume) to get data to provide to Jira, but because the server was unresponsive this created a looping set of socketConnect that eventually took down Jira with high general traffic on top of the threading connection being created by the TestRail plugin. This is a sever issue and needs to be handled correctly in the plugin.

  1. Is there a configurable option to the plugin to control connection retires - I do not see anything and there needs to be one?
  2. Why does the plugin continue to consume many connection threads within the max thread pool if non-responsive in the first place?

Please someone let me know if there is something in place to control this behavior so Jira does not crash due to the plugin when TestRail is unavailable - for whatever reason.


cc:\ @sjpknight @jacob.scott

Hi @mj2377 - this is the first time we’ve ever heard of this happening and I’m sorry to hear about it.

Please rest assured that we’re looking into the problem.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention,

Thanks @sjpknight, I look forward to your response!

Please make sure it’s looked into with the highest priority for resolution with an update to the plugin. Due to this, my dev-ops team has disabled your plugin for usage with the high severity it can cause to Jira. Thanks!

@sjpknight any update, we’re going on just about a week since it was reported!? Surly someone has re-produced it and has a fix ready to go in an update to the plugin, right? If you need help, have someone contact me directly and we can discuss over a zoom call or something. Thanks!

Hi @mj2377 - the issue is in our development queue. I can’t give you a precise timeline for when the fix will be released though, I’m afraid.

I will certainly let you know when I have some more/better information to provide you with.

Do you know when you might have a fix for this issue as we ran into an issue that appears to be the same with the Testrail Add-on in Jira? I will watch this conversation for any updates.


Seems that we also ran into this problem.
@sjpknight Could you please update as on this issue? When you might have a fix for this issue?

@dehrenheim @it84


Apologies for the delayed response. Let me get back to you on this ASAP.


@dehrenheim @it84

We are still working on the fix. No ETA just yet, but it is being considered with high priority.