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[Jira-TestRail Integration] 'TestRail: Results' and 'TestRail: Cases' do not appear in Jira




  • Created 3 testCases (TestRailTC1, TestRailTC2, TestRailTC3)
    – TestRailTC1-3 set to
    — TestSuite
    — TestRun
    — Jira issues (Jira1, Jira2, Jira3) via testRail.references field
    – TestRailTC1-3 testCases had testResults applied to them (TestRailTR1, TestRailTR2, TestRailTR3)


  • Open up Jira, go to Jira1
    – Under the tabs for ‘TestRail: Results’ and ‘TestRail: Cases’, nothing appears even though mappings appear to be present in TestRail and Jira (?!?)

I don’t have Jira admin rights so I can’t see admin settings in Jira, but I can forward information on to Jira admins for things to check.

Any info/guidance on how to resolve is much appreciated, thanks!




Hello Garry,

Thanks for your posting! Could you please check if your TestRail instance/installation uses HTTPS or HTTP instead? Assuming your JIRA is using HTTPS, then TestRail also needs to use HTTPS as browsers would otherwise block/not show the TestRail integration panels in JIRA.