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Jira testrail cloud integration (TestRail for Jira Test Management’ add-in) is not working with our hosted testrail server (

Recently , I came across complains from some of our employees mentioning that they are seeing below error in our jira cloud for testrail sections when viewing any Jira tickets

Your TestRail integration is not yet configured. Please configure the integration in JIRA’s administration area under Add-ons > Manage add-ons > TestRail for JIRA Test Management > Configure. Also see the JIRA Cloud Integration documentation.

I tried re configuring testrail jira instance by mentioning our hosted testrail server’s URL , generating new Testrail key as below

However I am getting ‘Undefined Index : address’ error on jira side when saving this testrail integration configs

Now again refreshing this page , I am getting ‘Too many connections’ message

Searching further in Audit logs of our jira cloud , I came to know that ‘TestRail for Jira Test Management’ add-in was updated on 14th June (1 day back) & I doubt this is because of that automatic update of our ‘TestRail for Jira Test Management’ add-in only .

Note : I wanted to install previous cloud version of ‘TestRail for Jira Test Management’ add-in (since on old cloud version things were running fine even though we are using very old version of testrail server), however I didn’t find old testrail cloud version on jira marketplace (

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The same errors happened in our environment. We couldn’t query successfully via browsers and couldn’t run our regression well with

Need your help!

Hi @sjethvani & @UI-Philip.Peng - we are aware of some issues with our cloud environment currently. This forum post refers to same: Errors and slow response times in TestRail Cloud instances

We are looking into the issue and hope to have more news soon. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.


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@sjpknight Errors and slow response times in TestRail Cloud instances is about testrail cloud . We are using testrail server , hosted within our premise .

Hi @sjethvani - we’re looking into it. Hope to have a better response for your issue soon.


Is there any update on this ?

Hi @sjethvani - we’re not currently tracking this as an issue that is related to our 6.3 release. We’d be happy to look into any problems you’re experiencing though. Please send an email to our address with all the details, so our support team can investigate it for you.



Deleting existing Testrail connection from Jira cloud (this is important as till now I was editing existing testrail connection in our jira cloud Addon page & was getting error) & then creating new Testrail connection in jira cloud from scratch worked.
I am able to connect now TestRail for Jira Test Management’ add-in with my existing Testrail server ( installed on our on-premise host .

In near future , I am planning to upgrade our testrail server edition from existing to 6.3