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JIRA - TestRail Add-ON - Always logged in

Hello Everyone,

We have recently moved on to TestRail integrated with JIRA.
Due to lack of attachments being pushed to JIRA (from test Rail) - we entirely are relying on the JIRA add-on to display TestRail tests (along with attachments).

However, the JIRA Add-on works only when we have a logged in session of TestRail available.
Is there any way to have the JIRA Add-on always authenticated with TestRail.

Problem is we have about 500+ JIRA users and not all of them require a TestRail access.
Hence without a TestRail login, is there anyway the JIRA Add-on can use a default login for all users ?

Hi SathishV,

You would need to have a login to TestRail in order to see the reports/dashboards or linked test results in JIRA, as this would be required for the secure access to TestRail and to enforce user/project permissions. You would not however need a TestRail license/subscription for other JIRA users who don’t need access to TestRail or don’t want to review the test result details.

Alternatively it’s also possible to generate reports and forward them to non-TestRail users (you can even schedule this so reports are automatically generated). With TestRail’s low per-user pricing, many teams invite e.g. their developers to TestRail as well as this can often make sense to help review test cases, review results etc. But it’s no necessarily needed and you can even configure the integration so that TestRail would automatically include more details in the pushed JIRA issues, such as the test steps (you can configure this via the templates under Administration > Integration). The issues and description can be viewed in JIRA without a TestRail login.

Thank you VTran.

As you are aware the Push function does not cater for attachments, and the team’s resolution suggested using the add-on for viewing attachments from JIRA - we were hoping all users of JIRA ,including Business teams, support, would be able to see the details of the test / attachments.

Creating all these users in testrail and managing project permissions would be cumbersome and hence the request for ‘JIRA Add-on’ level sign-in that would show the testrail test (read-only).
This will avoid extra login required by those users, who do not use Test Rail on a daily basis.

To workaround, we are planning on creating a generic read-only user and share details across teams. But again, this is not an optimum approach.
Please advise.

Hi Sathish,

Thanks for the feedback. The TestRail for Jira add-on does require an active TestRail login to display as it uses the API to populate the testing data in real time. There are no current plans to implement a “Jira Add-on” type account, but you can have read-only users that would be able to see the populated data in TestRail. Please note, any active user account in TestRail, regardless of role, will count as a seat in your license so may cause in increase in cost.

Regarding your workaround, setting up shared logins in TestRail is against the Terms of Service, as outlined in section 3.4 of the conditions laid out here:

Each User Account shall be used only by one single person and the Customer is obliged to activate a new User Account for every staff using the Services of Gurock.

While the TestRail for Jira plugin does not require all Jira users to have a TestRail account to set up, it is necessary for the data to populate that a logged in account be present. We would recommend configuring accounts for vital team members that would require seeing the testing data in Jira to perform their job functions, but it is unlikely for most teams that all Jira users would need to see and access this data directly.

I hope that clarifies things! Thanks for the feedback, and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to let us know.