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Jira server integration



During our trail of TestRail (installed on a server) we integrated it with Jira (server). Integration was achieved without any problem (thanks for great user guide!).

When we evaluated integration between TesRail and Jira (from the Jira side) we found problem with the rendering TestRail plugin frame: it does not resize if any test case is present (linked) but it remains same size all time. From the attached picture

you can see that text is cuted on a bottom side.

We tested this on a different browsers (Explorer, Edge, Chrome) but problem exists in all cases.

Do you have any suggestion how this can be fixed?


Hello Andrej,

Thanks for your post, and glad to hear you were able to get TestRail’s JIRA integration working! JIRA would always automatically size this by default based on the number of results visible as well as whether a result is expanded or not. If this isn’t resizing, then it’s likely that there is some customization applied to your JIRA Server instance that’s causing this to remain the same size. Can you check with your JIRA Server admin to see if they’ve implemented any custom CSS or scripts/add-ons that could be causing this type of issue? This would be the most common cause. Hope this helps!



Hi, Marco!

Thanks for you respond!

After some research we found a stupid mistake which cause us a problem with the rendering and Add Test Case button: we entered http instead https :man_facepalming: in the TestRail Address (TestRail Configuration in Jira plugin manager) …

We changed the address and now works perfectly!

Thanks again for your help!

Best Regards,