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JIRA REST API - Incorrect Reporter



I am currently testing out TestRail and I am struggling to find out why an issue is occurring when using the JIRA REST API

I am currently trying to “Add Test Result” and then push it to JIRA. This currently works and I see the issue in my JIRA.

The problem is, that in TestRail I have 2 users currently registered who are raising defects and pushing to JIRA: Bob Smith and Joe Bloggs

The problem occurs with the “Reporter” is not the person who has raised the defect in JIRA

For example:

I am logged in as Bob Smith. I click on “Add Test Result” and “push”. In the Defect popup, I then assign, under “assignee” Jane Doe (JIRA user) and submit.

When I then look in JIRA, I see that an issue was created.

The “Assignee” is Jane Doe in JIRA, which is fine, but the"Reporter" is not Bob Smith.

The same goes for Joe Bloggs, who logs into TestRail and pushes a defect to JIRA. The “Assignee” is fine, but the “Reporter” is once again not Joe Blogs.

Having apoke around various configuration, It seems that the JIRA REST Plugin uses the username that is configured in the integration section in the administration.

My config is something similar to the following:

So whenever a defect is raised in TestRail and pushed to JIRA, the “Reporter” in JIRA is ALWAYS Mary Jones, which, as far as I can see, Mary Jones has no account on TestRail and therefore cannot be the reporter, since Bob and Joe are the only ones who are raising the issues.

Can someone confirm if this is the case? If so, then this is a pretty fundamental flaw as it should be the the person who is logged into TestRail and creating such defects to push to JIRA who is the “reporter”.

This could be hugely confusing, especially if 50 people are raising defects in TestRail and pushing them to JIRA, since all “Reporters” will be Mary, rather than Bob, Joe or anyone else (other than Mary) raising the issues.



For our TestRail/JIRA integration I followed the instructions for setting up user variables ( so that each users’ JIRA credentials were used when using the plugin.


donalaya, after following the link you sent me I can confirm that this has worked perfectly!

Thank you!


Hello Craig,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that this works for you!