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Jira queries for stories missing testrails tests


I’d like to create a search filter in Jira to search for all stories that do not have tests linked to them. That way I have a working list of stories needing test coverage, at a glance.
I’ve just started our 30 day demo, installed and successfully configured the TestRail’s Jira plugin and it seems to be working fine.
If there’s a way to create that query I’d love to hear back from y’all.



Hello Steven,

Thanks for your posting! There’s a dedicated report for this in TestRail on the Reports tab. The Cases > Coverage for References report generates a list of reference -> test case mappings (JIRA issues are managed via the References field in TestRail) as well as a list of test cases without references.

The easiest way to generate the list of JIRA issues without linked test cases is to paste your list of issue IDs (e.g. generated with a JIRA export) to the “The following references only” input field of the Coverage for References report and then run the report with this list.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case anything is unclear or if you have any further questions!



Hi, I just discovered this and it’s pretty good but I’d love it to be great…

What I’m currently doing is:

  1. run a filter in Jira to find all the cards in a release
  2. export that to CSV
  3. copy the column of Jira references
  4. paste it into the ‘References’ window in the report form
  5. run the report

and I see a list of all the cards in the sprint with the testcases that are using those jira card IDs as reference.

I would looooooove to be able to be able to do this automatically so all I have to do is specify the release number and testrail would run a filter, strip out and use the references and generate the report every morning.

Any chance this is on the horizon as an enhancement?



Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, this is something we would like to look into with a future version and we already have this on our feature request list. Pulling the list directly from JIRA would be ideal in this case and we would also like to see this in a future version.



Hi Tobias, can you give us a status on this request.



Hi Gilbert,

Thank you for your post. We are still looking into this but as of this time, we do not have an update on when this could be added into TestRail. I would recommend keeping an eye on our blog:



I was looking for a way to do exactly this, and then I found this thread.

Is there any update on whether this feature will be developed in the near future?


Ya, I was looking at how to do that in JIRA too. It would be great if TestRail add this feature.