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JIRA Push - Security Level



i am having a problem where API does not seems to understand our drop down field in JIRA which is Security Level. This field is not custom field.

How i can add it push page as this is required field in JIRA and wihtout not filling this the push does not seems to work.

I checked JIRA id for this and it stated as “security”. I tried many different ways but i cant get it fetching the data from jira.

I tried also like this:
size=full value

and under push.field i added security=on but it seems not to get any drop down list.

All other custom fields are working fine no problems there…


I have also included link get it to so far that it shows the label now and drop down but i cant select anything from it.



i acutally got it solved by removing this field as mandatory field in JIRA. Seems that this security level is not JIRA option but a plugin which seems not to support this.

Anyway for now we have it again working.



Hi Viljam,

Great to hear that it works now!