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JIRA push always requiring custom field only valid for certain template



After update of Testrail to version (previously 4.X), I used the great new possibility to create test case templates, thus being able to have different fields in different types of test cases.

Also this meant I could make a custom field “Area Verdict” mandatory for one specific type of test. Very nice indeed!

But, since the field is mandatory for one type of test, it seems also to be mandatory for ALL tests when it comes to pushing issues to JIRA. See attached picture for error message.

Is there some way around this issue?
If I make the field non-required it works like a charm, but I would really really like to keep it mandatory where it should be…

TestRail version used:

Thanks for looking into this!


Just to make it clear;
The field in question is not included at all for the other test types.


Hi Malte,

Thanks for your posting! That’s not the intended behavior and we will make sure to look into this, thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: I would currently recommend the workaround of keeping the field non-mandatory as you mentioned but we will make sure to review this behavior for the next version.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the response, looking forward to a fix in next (?) version then. :slight_smile:



Hello Malte,

Yes, we are definitely looking into it for the next version. Thanks again for your feedback :slight_smile: