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JIRA Plugin


Using TestRail with JIRA works well so far, but even deeper integration into JIRA would be really useful. I’d love to be able to link JIRA issues with failing tests, such that the current status would be easily visible from JIRA. For example, I could like 2-3 test failures to a single JIRA, perhaps representing 2-3 versions of the affected software. When a developer fixed one and sent it to QA, a tester might update one of them to pass, but if other versions were not corrected, the JIRA would still show RED failures for the other two.

With our setup, test automation would automatically tell the developer whether that specific JIRA had corrected all the failures or not, something like a TDD or BDD setup.

Has anyone looked at implementing a JIRA plugin for test rail? Given TestRails existing MiniAPI, it should be relatively easy to implement an asynchronous call to the TestRail installation for a specific test status.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your posting and for the feedback. We have not looked into writing such a Jira plugin ourselves yet, but we do have this on our radar and I agree that it would be an useful addition to the integration. Jira is one of the most popular issue tracking tools with our customers so it’s likely that Jira would be the first issue tracking tool we would build a custom plugin for. If you are interested in trying to build a simple plugin yourself we are happy to support you with this and answer any questions you might have during the process.