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Jira Plug-in



We have just purchased and setup Testrail and very happy with the product. Over the weekend i setup the Jira Plug-in which is working great. Using the Push option, we have the ability to enter an Issue Type, Project, Component and description, but no option for Affected Version. This means once the bug has been created, the tester will need to launch into Jira and add a version number.

Is there anyway to add this to the dialog, or am i missing something?





Hi Paul,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you are correct, we don’t include all Jira fields in the Push Defect dialog by default. However, it’s possible to customize the dialog as needed by modifying the defect plugin script. The following documentation explains the defect plugin scripts in more detail:

We also have some concrete examples on how to add additional fields to the dialog:

For the Affects Version field, you would basically implement it like the Projects field in the existing defect plugin. You would submit the field like this:

if (isset($input['affected_version'])) { $version = array( 'id' => $input['affected_version'], 'archived' => false, 'released' => false ); $data['affectsVersions'] = array( $version ); }

If you need assistance with the customization we can also usually help with this. Feel free to contact us at contact at




Thanks for the quick response, with these instructions we should be able to easily get this implemented.