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JIRA Manual configuration process. Plugin Jira_REST returned an error


I followed the instructions to configure JIRA manually here:
I configured all three options:
I am able to type in the defect id and access the link from TestRail

However when I hover over the link I notice this message

I am able to click Add and access Create Issue in JIRA

I am UNABLE to Push. I get the following error


I 'd appreciate if I can get an answer regarding this issue. Thank you


Hi Hagay,

Thanks for your post! The 401 error is provided directly from JIRA and would just indicate either the username/password you provided for the integration is incorrect, or that you don’t have access to all of the fields enabled in the integration when accessing this project/issue specifically. It’s also just possible that the integration settings you have configured are incorrect (e.g. the wrong address= line or other similar issues). To troubleshoot this further, can you please send in a screenshot of your Administration > Integration page (the full page please including the navigation menu above) as well as a screenshot of your profile > My Settings > Settings tab directly to so we can review this and help point you in the right direction?

Looking forward to your email!



I am able to access JIRA as an admin
Once changing the credentials in MY SETTINGS as a user other than admin -
it fails

Hagay Hazan


Hi Hagay,

Thanks for your reply! This is likely just a permissions issue in JIRA (usually it can be related to a field that non-admins wouldn’t have access to but is enabled in the integration, or just a project/issue the non-admin doesn’t have access to). Are you on TestRail Cloud or TestRail Server? If TestRail Server, can you enable system debug logs, reproduce the issue, and then send us the log file directly via email to so we can review this and provide the specific reason for the error:

If TestRail Cloud, can you send us an e-mail to with your TestRail address so we can enable debug logs for your and have you reproduce the issue so we can review this?

We look forward to your email!