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JIRA - link my failed test to an existing defect (Bug) in JIRA


Hi, I’m quite new to TestRail, but have an automated tool that when a test fails, creates an issue (Bug) in JIRA automatically.
I want to go into my corresponding Test Case in Test Rail and link it to the existing Bug in JIRA. But I can’t.
I can add or push, but not link to existing.
I know I can use the references field to link it but this does not then show up in the Defects tab in the test case, so it is not obvious & alters reporting.
I’m sure it must be possible, but can anyone help me?


Ah - Just realised you can just type the Jira Bug ID into the field on the Add Run dialog, I missed that.
Although it would be nice to link it to the existing run and not have to create a new one.
Basically the test was executed independently of the JIRA bug being raised, so I just want to link the two without creating a new run