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JIRA integration


We have started using the JIRA defect plug-in to allow defects to be pushed to JIRA from within TestRail. This is great from a defect-creation point of view. The issue from here is the JIRA integration throughout the lifecycle of that JIRA issue.

Let’s say a developer resolves the issue and marks the defect as “Resolved” in JIRA. The tester retests the failed test case in TestRail. Now, if the test case passes, is it possible to automatically close the associated defect in JIRA when the test case is marked as passed in TestRail?


Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not currently possible to automatically close an issue in JIRA when a test was marked as passed. We are considering supporting additional workflow steps in the future and we also have a few other ideas in this regard and we are looking into this.

If this is a critical feature for you it would already be possible to implement this outside of TestRail via a custom script that directly synchronizes the test results with JIRA. This would likely require quite a bit of effort but we are happy to point you in the right direction if you would like to try this in the meantime.



Hello, Is there any update to the statement “we are considering supporting additional workflow steps in the future”?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. We still have plans to look into this, however we don’t currently have any ETA or timeframe that we can announce for this. I’m happy to add your vote to the feature request as well.