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JIRA integration - use template for field other than Description



A long time ago we disabled the Description field in JIRA for Bug issue types and added specific custom fields (Steps, Expected, Actual etc.) to encourage our users to fill high quality defect reports.

When integrating with TestRail this presents a problem as the template text box available at Admin > Integrations > Defects, only specifies a template for the Description field. I want to be able to build a template to be built to a different field/s, is that possible? We are on the cloud instance.




Hi Ory,

Thanks for the post! When using the TestRail integration and push feature for creating new defects, issues, etc., you can include custom fields and also disable other fields to match your fields in Jira. To do this, you would need to add the custom fields’ details in the TestRail integration settings. You can learn about including and configuring custom fields and the supported fields types for the push dialog here:

Once the fields are added to the integration settings, they will appear in the Push dialog when adding a new bug or other entity from TestRail.

I hope this helps!