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Jira integration: Think about TestRail TestCase infos you show on jira-issue details page


Hi Gurock,

I like the TestRail - jira integration! It is simple and straight forward and free. =)

But :wink:

From my point of view i do not want to see the jira issue key (PROJ-XYZ) on the issue details page. I am already on that issue. I do not need to see my issue key here. It is clear: My Test Case XYZ is connected to THAT opened issue.

Instead of this irrelevant (at least for me) info, what about the info of the corresponding TestRail Test suite? In my case i have the same Test Case in two different TestRail BaseLines.


It would be a useful information to see:

Test Case, description, BaseLine/TestSuite

And for the “TestRail: Results” pane on the jira-issue details page:

Test Case, description, Baseline/Testsuite, Testplan,Testrun,(Link to corresponding reports?)

What do you think about this?

Thanks and regards!


ping :wink:

Any other views on this?