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JIRA integration - test cases display



I’m exploring testrail with JIRA. I could integrate and verify the basic flow… all looks good. The only question I have is, the test cases I created in testrail (linked to JIRA story thru reference field) is visible in JIRA only after execution… what I’m looking for is, I should see the test cases with-out actual execution.
Here is our typical flow:

  1. New story is created in JIRA
  2. Test cases are written by testers (at this time, I would like to see them attached to story when I specify the JIRA ID in test case reference section)
  3. Test cases are reviewed and agreed upon
  4. Testers will execute and publish status/reports (I think, after this step the test cases are displayed on JIRA story page).

Am I missing something here?



Apologies for the confusion…I see the test cases in JIRA (for the referenced story).
No more pending questions on this thread…


Hi Suresh,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, test cases (linked via the References field) are shown on the right (TestRail: Cases panel). The left-hand side would show linked test results (linked indirectly either via References or directly via the Defects field).

I hope this helps!