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Jira Integration Setup Brought Down Jira Project

After completing the integration setup for Jira --> TestRail


  1. add Testrail URL
  2. Generate Key
    2.1 Copy and Paste Key
  3. Set Jira Groups
  4. Set Jira Projects
  5. Save

Error: None of the Jira tickets for that project would load / Refresh / - the entire project was locked.


Hey Thomas,

Welcome to the TestRail Community !

I can see that you already have an open support ticket with us and our support engineer is assisting you in resolving the issue you’re facing.


There has not been any success to troubleshoot the issue with the integration and we’re paying customers – it’s never worked.

Hi Thomas,

Your ticket is still in open status. Please allow us some time to assist you in resolving the same.