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Jira integration risks


When integrating with Jira how long does the process take? Will Jira be down for our organization until the integration completes? Will users currently creating tickets have issues? Based on these answers I may or may not create a company wide email for our org warning them of this integration.


Hello Geo!

Thanks for your email. There are two aspects of the JIRA integration and both only take a few minutes to configure and wouldn’t affect any existing users:

  • Push/Lookup integration in TestRail: you would configure this in TestRail under Administration > Integration. It wouldn’t have any immediate affect on your JIRA instance and it “just” allows you to push/look up JIRA issues from TestRail, e.g.:

  • JIRA add-on: the JIRA add-on is simply installed in JIRA from the add-on menu. We recommend going to the add-on admin page in JIRA and searching for TestRail. This ensures that you always install the correct version. You can then configure the add-on and this again also only takes a few minutes, e.g.:

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much! I’ve successfully setup Jira integration with TestRail. Appreciate the quick reply!


That’s great to hear and please let us know in case there’s anything else we can help with :slightly_smiling: