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JIRA integration requires JIRA username, which cannot be an email address


My JIRA username is my email address, according to my JIRA profile. Now what do I do since TR won’t let me use that as my JIRA username, it always comes back with an error. See attached screen shots.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your posting. Which TR version do you use? There was a check in one TR version that didn’t allow email address for the integration because JIRA’s API doesn’t accept the email address and just the username. We also noticed (quickly :slight_smile: ) that JIRA allows email addresses as username and removed this check again. Can you check the TR version you use (under Administration > Overview)?



About TestRail
TestRail version (check for update)
Built on 5/13/2016
Database version 176

Thanks Tobias


Hi Scott,

Could it be that you are using a customized version of the defect plugin? Are you on TestRail Server or TestRail Cloud ( I just checked this again and the email check is no longer in the current version of the JIRA defect plugin.



Tobias - we’re using TestRail cloud which I assume will always be the latest version of everything.

Scott Dinn


Ah sorry, Scott. The “Configure JIRA Integration” dialog still has this check but you can simply enter “scott” as the username and then change the added %jira_user defect variable after clicking the “Enable JIRA Integration” button.