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JIRA Integration! References but no Defect


I have everything set up the way it’s intended to work.
I know it’s working because when I link a reference, the pop up does generate all of the info from JIRA.

What I cannot do is create a Defect / push to JIRA and I am not sure why.
I expect to see it here

in the test results screen.
As you can see from the image there is no option to push.
I am using the default URLs for defect and reference. (not sure if that’ s the issue)

I have tried so many different iterations of tests to see what might be wrong and nothing seems to work. Could I possibly get a granular set of set up instructions just to see if maybe I missed something?

Please help.


Hi @10hitcombo,

Thanks for the post! I have also been in communication with you via email regarding this issue. Please respond to the latest email I’ve sent and let me know if you continue to have issues with this.



Hey Jon,

I had to leave work early yesterday, but I am back now and have replied to your email and provided screenshots. I really hope we can get this resolved.


Actually, I think I may have figured it out.
Annoyingly, there is no step in the integration instructions for this; but there very much should be.

I went to Administration > Customizations >
Down to Results Field.

If the defects field isn’t showing up in your Add Results modal the way it wasn’t showing up in mine, simply go to the Edit button.
From there you can either add it to your specific project, or specify that you would like this included in all projects.

This step really should be covered in the instructions for setting up JIRA integration.


The method above is to add custom fields to TestRail test result dialogue. Depending on the field type it may be pushed over to Jira, as all TestRail fields lumped together within the Jira issue description field.

In order to integrate actual Jira fields for pushing defects some customization of the integration settings will be needed. The following article covers how to add Jira fields into the TestRail push dialogue.


Right. That was the problem I was having. Everything was set up correctly, I just wasn’t seeing the actual Defect field with an option to push to JIRA. There isn’t any documentation related to integration that mentions this step.

Until I discovered the Results Fields setting and added my project to it, all of the steps I followed to set up Defects were useless.


I see, for future reference in case anyone else finds this post. When integration with Jira it’s best to start your journey from this documentation:


Hey Vtran,

That’s where I started from. What would be better is to include this easily-overlooked step somewhere in your documentation so that people don’t even have to look this issue up.

A simple step that just says something like
“Ensure the Defect field is in the Add Results modal” or something would have saved me a lot of trouble.

On the plus side; I did learn a lot about how to customize the integrate feature before I even had it available. So there’s a silver lining I suppose.


Definitely should be mentioned in documentation IMO :slight_smile:

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We do have plans to improve the documentation. Both on the back-end and the content as well. We just don’t have a public timeline for when that will ready just yet.