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Jira integration reference issue


I have an issue with Jira integration, regarding the references.
I use Testrail integrated with multiple Jira instances. I use global integration settings and a few ‘overrides’ for some projects. References show up for the ‘customized’ jira projects just fine.
My issue is that in the global integration there is a project with the same name as one in the custom Jira integrations (call it ‘Mobile’) and when I check in Jira I can see both ‘Mobile’ projects, I mean I can see the ‘global Jira’s’ Mobile project reference and the ‘custom jira’s’ Mobile project reference, which messes up the test results eg.

  • So i have an issue with an id ‘Mobile-101’ in Jira A (global integration) and ‘Mobile-101’ id in Jira B (custom integration).
  • I create a test case for ‘Mobile-101’ in Jira B, reference the given Jira id in Testrail.
  • I check back in Jira B and I can see 2 test cases for my Jira ticket, possibly because there is another Jira ticket with the same ID in Jira A and it got referenced somehow.

Has anybody seen this issue or has a solution for it?