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Jira Integration: Reference field vs Defect field


Hi TestRail Team, we currently have an active and operating Jira integration with TestRail.

In order to provide visibility of Test Cases within Jira Issues, the Reference field must be used. With a successful reference link, both test cases and test results appear on the Jira issue.

Would it be possible to have a similar linking using the Defect field (results level)?


  • Linking through Defects would indicate that a test case was run without modifying its corresponding test case
  • Linking through Reference would indicate that a test case was modified
  • Currently, as more Defect Jira Issues are created, the Reference field will see itself grow more and more

Unless there’s a mechanism already in place for the Jira integration, it would make sense to have the linking of defects on the Defect level as much as on the Reference level (in terms of Jira towards TestRail and not the other way around)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can also link JIRA issues via the Defects field and the TestRail for JIRA add-on would also show those results in the TestRail: Results panel:

The References field on the case level is used mostly for linking user stories/requirements and the Defects field for actual defects that are found during testing. The TestRail: Results section in JIRA shows both a) results directly linked via the Defects field or b) indirectly for results for cases linked by the References field.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias, thanks for the quick reply!

In our case, if I remove the Jira issue from the Reference field in a test case, the TestRail Results section will also lose the test results related to the test case that was unlinked.

Is this a configuration on the TestRail add-on in Jira that we need to set?



Hi Tobias, I just confirmed that the linking works for Defects, without having to use the Reference field.

Thanks a lot, and please disregard my previous post!



Hi Daniel,

Sure, no problem and please let me know in case you have any further questions, happy to help :slight_smile:



Along the lines of this topic, I accidentally added the wrong defect to a test run, that now shows in JIRA. Is there a way to edit the linkage of the test run to that JIRA defect?


@mikec did the exact same mistake, anyone way you discovered yet?

With Regards,
Xovo Larjem


Thou for me the JIRA defect doesn’t causing much issue, still minor bugs are there.

With Regards,
Xovo Larjem


@xovolarjem I have not received a response yet.