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Jira Integration problem - Getting HTTP code (400)


I have configured JIRA integration in my self hosted TestRail instance but I still cannot see JIRA details from TestRail.

The server that testrail runs on has access to my (also self-hosted) JIRA server (6.x). I confirmed that using curl --user user:pwd https://jira.domain/net/browse/AAA-1000 for example. Using curl like that I get a response from the JIRA Server.

However, if I try to, for example, hover the mouse over the JIRA ticket number in my test case result, I get the error:
Invalid HTTP code (400). Please verify the address of your JIRA installation in the configuration settings and that TestRail can reach your JIRA server."

To check if it was a specific problem with the REST API I did

curl --user xxx:xxx

and I also get results.

Any idea what could be wrong?


Paulo Garcia


I believe there was something wrong in my configuration. I recreated it and now it is working.




Hi Paulo,

Thanks for your posting! Great to hear that it is working now and please let us know in case any questions come up about the integration. The easiest way to configure the integration is via the Configure JIRA Integration button on the Administration > Integration page.