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Jira Integration: Overview of Test Cases on Epic


Hi there,

I am evaluating TestRail at the moment.
I am having an epic e1 with two user stories u1 and u2.
When I create test cases out of the user story these appear on the right hand side of the user story. So far, so good. So I might have u1 with t1 and t2 as well as u2 with t3 and t4.
Is it somehow possible to see all test cases of the user stories of an epic on the epic level?
I would like to see t1, t2, t3, t4 on the right hand side of e1. Is there a way to do so within JIRA?

I know that I could create a report that provides these information or provide an extra reference to the epic when creating a test case out of the user story, but that is a bit pedestrian IMHO and I was wondering if there was an easier way.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your posting. The TestRail add-on wouldn’t do this automatically but you can also link the cases to the epic as well (in addition to the user stories of the epic). You can add multiple issues to a test case and the References field by separating them by comma. I know that is a bit more work though and we are happy to look into adding support for this to the add-on directly.