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Jira Integration not available on Jira's new Issue screen


Hi, we found when enabling the new Issue View in Jira via personal settings and toggling on Jira Labs, there are no longer test results available on the issue view screen.

Does TestRail have any intention to integrate with the new issue view screen? We’re looking to move onto it due to other apps only having been integrated with this view but TestRail’s lack of integration is holding us back.

Any feedback would be great! Thanks.


Hi Mike,

Being a Jira Labs feature, it is not likely that our developers would be focusing on this feature just yet. Additionally the Jira labs features are only available for Jira Cloud, which further limits the use case.

Regardless I’ll happily get this on their radar by creating the feature request and adding your vote to it!

To be clear this would only limit the TestRail for Jira Addon. On the TestRail side integration with Jira linking and pushing defects would still function as normal.