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Jira integration issue: 502 from proxy after CONNECT



we’ve been using Testrail for a while now, but have not been able to properly integrate with our Jira Cloud.
All the links work, the Testrail plugin in Jira works, but when i want to see details, like hovering over a link for issues then Testrail shows a : “Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: Received HTTP code 502 from proxy after CONNECT”

So the integration works for creating issues, and linking issues, but it cannot retrieve any data over the REST API.
The configuration is exactly according to specification and instructions.
Any ideas where we may go wrong?

many thanks


This actually happend on one if my projects also. Suddenly, out of nowwhere - Jira integrations stoped working.

Were there some Jira updates, that changed the workflow regarding Testrail integration?

thank you


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your posting. Are you using a local JIRA instance with TestRail Cloud? For the full push/lookup integration, TestRail needs to be able to connect to JIRA. If JIRA is installed on your private server behind a firewall, then such a connection isn’t directly possible with TestRail Cloud. Do you use this combination?



Hi Volodia,

Thanks for your posting. Is this for a TestRail Cloud instance? If so, can you send a quick email to our help desk at with your TestRail Cloud address?



Hi Tobias

we use the cloud jira from Atlassian. As said, Testrail is able to connect,
and to create new issues, but the integration does not work, when trying to
actually fetch information on existing issues. It even shows when issues
are done (green) or open (red) but details don’t show. that is when you get
the proxy error.

there is nothing i can do because this is communication from testrail -
cloud to atlassian cloud.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for the additional details. Can you send a quick email to our help desk at with your TestRail Cloud address? Happy to enable debug logging for your instance so we can review the communication/issue with JIRA.