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JIRA integration -> In JIRA, I can see the test cases for OLD projects under TESRAIL plugin, but not for new projects of JIRA

We are currently facing an issue in JIRA,
we have plug in for testrail in jira.
The testRAIL test cases are visible directly in some of the projects on the RIGHT hand side. But for some other project in JIRA, they are not visible. The option itself is not visible.
Eg. Add/EDIT test cases in TESTRAIL option is missing.

Hello @pthakur ,

Welcome to the Gurock Community! The issue is likely that the newer projects and not enabled for the TestRail for Jira app. You can check this in Jira under ‘Manage Apps’ > Edit the TestRail for Jira app > Click configure and ensure the newer projects are also enabled and save settings. This would resolve the issue. If you still have trouble please email our support team a ticket at