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Jira Integration Help


Good Afternoon,

We have been using TestRail and Jira for a while now. We have had them integrated for a while as well. Recently somehow my integration has broke/failed. Now, if I create new test cases I cannot see them in Jira. My colleagues can see them however if they go into that specific card. When I have a Jira card open, the TestRail: Cases section says “Log in to TestRail”. I click on the button and it opens the TestRail dashboard where I can see all my current test suites.

This seems to be isolated with me. I have logged out of everything and logged back in to no avail.

I am currently running TestRail v5.6.0.3841.

Any help or pointers would be greatful.




Hi Blake,

Thanks for the post! For the add-on to retrieve data in TestRail, you would need to be logged into TestRail and Jira in the same browser session. If you see the add-on in Jira and the login button, then this would indicate you either aren’t logged into the TestRail instance in the same browser, or a browser extension is blocking the add-on’s access to TestRail.

Can you please try the same task in a different browser with no extensions/add-ons enabled such as an incognito window and let us know if the issue persists? If this works in a different browser with extensions disabled, then this would indicate there is an issue with your current browser interfering with the integration.

If this does not help, please send us an email to with details about your issue so we can go through some additional troubleshooting steps.



Crap, I’m sorry I didn’t even check Internet Explorer.

It does work on IE. So this means your theory about Chrome blocking the Add-on feature. I will put my detective hat on and find the culprit.

Thanks so much!