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Jira Integration Fields


I have a couple of questions about the Jira Integration:

  1. Is it possible to have different configurations per Project and Issue type? i.e. different required fields

  2. Is it possible to prefill Project and Issue so that there is only one option?



Hi Cynthia!

Thanks for your posting. TestRail automatically remembers the project and issue type selection per TestRail project and user for the defect integration. We are also happy to look into the option of configuring a default JIRA project per TestRail project. If you configure the integration per project (instead of globally under Administration > Integration), you can change the layout and fields of the Push Defect dialog per TestRail project and this is the recommended way to implement such kind of customizations. You can configure the per-project integration when you edit the project under Administration > Projects in TestRail.

I hope this helps!



Thanks. I think it would be great if you could have a configuration per Jira project and issue type.


Do you use a different TestRail project per JIRA project? If so, you can already implement this easily by configuring the integration per project in TestRail. We are also happy to look into different configurations per JIRA project in general for a future version.

Thanks again!



Thanks for the confirmation.
I think being able to set a project name and issue type would cause less confusion for users. Also being able to provide multiple configurations per TestRail would be really useful.
It would be great to see this in the future.


Hi Cynthia,

I agree that this can make sense and thanks again for your feedback on this! Multiple configurations (e.g. fields on the Push Defect dialog) is already possible if you specify the configuration per project (Administration > Projects > Integration).



Have you implemented the possibility to prefill some fields when pushing the defect?