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JIRA Integration failing for one project

Hi all,

We have noticed that the JIRA integration does not work for only one project and despite having gone through both TestRail and JIRA we cannot figure out the issue. Is there a checklist of common problems with JIRA integrations that we could run through?

You can have a global integration or integration at the project level. Sounds like the one project has integration set up and the rest do not. That would say that the integration for JIRA was not at the Global level.

In my works instance we integrate with TFS and when I click on the Integration portion of the Admin screen I see the notice below at the top of the screen:

This is the first thing I would look at since it works in one project (so integration is set up with the correct values) but the other projects integration is not working.

Thanks. I can see that message but it’s not for the project in question.

So you have verified that when you click on the project in question and you look at the Defects/References tabs/page that the Defect View URL/Defect Add URL and Defect Pug in are all empty… - correct?

Yes, that’s correct.

No error messages displayed when trying to push things to JIRA for that project? I would also look at the logs to see if there is anything written there as well.

We found that even though the project was listed in ‘Limit to these projects’ it wasn’t selected and hence that was the issue.