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Jira Integration Error


I am trying to integrate Jira version 5.2.4 with our TestRail instance using the Jira_REST defect plugin.
When I try to push a defect to Jira, I get the following error:

Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: Invalid HTTP code (400). Please check your user/password and that the REST API is enabled in Jira.

My username and password are indeed correct, and I have access to the instance of Jira that I have specified. I have checked with our Jira admin, and they informed me that the REST API is enabled.

Might this have been caused by something else? I would very much like to use this feature.

Thank you.



Thanks for your posting. Could you please enable debug logging for your TestRail installation, retry the Push and then send the log to our help desk ( Please forward the documentation for this to your TestRail administrator:

Debug logging records the data transfer between JIRA and TestRail and this is the fastest way to troubleshoot this.

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any questions.