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JIRA integration down?

Is anyone experiencing JIRA not pulling in Testrail data (using the JIRA add-on) today.

Getting “Not found,” Permission denied" and “No default controller found.”

Just started within the past hour.

I am experiencing the same problem. Perhaps related to Atlassian removing BasicAuth for the JIRA REST APIs yesterday? For now I have uninstalled the integration in JIRA.

It is working fine for our Testrail integration with our jira cloud

Note : We are using Jira cloud & TestRail server edition

This morning I tried to add the integration back into JIRA and on configuration it now went to the proper screen. I saved my settings and it is now working properly again.

Hi All,

Thanks for the post! We did experience a temporary issue with the TestRail add-on yesterday. This issue affected the add-on inside Jira and its connection to TestRail but did not affect TestRail itself.

Please let us know if you experience any additional issues using the integration.