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JIRA Integration dont seems to be working



need some help where i miss something. It worked before but seems now it stopped working.

Under Global Integration tab we have set:
jira_password Password
jira_user String

Next thing is that you set your password under your settings.

Result is that it shows "Defect not found or integration not configured " But actually it is configured.

Global settings link to another JIRA and this project where we work link to another project and under specific project i dont see those settings like you can set for global. Maybe testrail takes some links from global ?

Also if i use just a user name passwd generic one it will show the info but this means when tester report they report only with one user name which i dont want. I want still see all defects reported from different users.



Got issue solved.

Fix was: Delete and save then write it back and save. Seems there is some problem with DB after update it got broken. Very strange anyway.