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JIRA integration - Can we link Test runs instead of test cases in JIRA



My team is really happy with using Testrail for test case management. One thing that I was wondering was, if it is possible to link testruns instead of testcases in JIRA?

If we link test cases, our JIRA looks very crowded and information is kind of lost as we have in some cases 15-20 or more test cases to a JIRA. If we can link testrun in place of the list of test cases it will be great!

Any pointers on how to set it up will be appreciated, or otherwise a feature request which I am sure will add a lot of value to everyone.



Hello Garima,

Thanks for reaching out and I’m glad you’re enjoying TestRail! Currently, test runs cannot be linked to a JIRA issue, however, we already have a feature request to review this for a future update to TestRail. I am happy to add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.