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Jira Integration Assignee Bug

Since the API Token update was made to the Jira integration we’ve not been able to enter a Jira assignee when we push tickets into Jira from TestRail. There are a couple of issues.

  1. The drop down list of assignee’s doesn’t fully load every user from our company

  2. If we do attempt to set an assignee using one of the people that do appear in the drop down it doesn’t make it into Jira - Everything else about the Jira tickets is perfect, but it is left unassigned.

Please Help!

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the post! This issue recently appeared as a result of the recent Jira changes to authentication methods and some teams are experiencing missing assignees when pushing new issues to Jira.

Our team is working on a fix to the defect plugin to prevent this in a future release. We don’t currently have a timeline for when it will be available, but I have added your feedback to the current report to help us prioritize the fix to this issue.


Can you put us down as needing this fix too please.



You got it Emma! Also keep in mind we have a page here with all the release info: