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JIRA Integration - 404 Error when viewing defects with mouseover


Hello TestRail community,

We’re currently experiencing a 404 error message while trying to preview a JIRA issue from a Test Result, using the mouseover feature :

Despite this :

  1. we’re able to push the issue onto JIRA
  2. we’re able to reach the JIRA issue by clicking on the issue’s hyperlink (for instance on this screenshot, “RST-3”) : it opens up another browser tab with the JIRA issue.

JIRA and TestRails are both on our internal network, without firewalls in-between.

Does anyone of you have an idea of what could go wrong with our setup ?




Below is our project’s defects configuration (part 1) :


Below is our project’s defects configuration (part 2) :


Hi Bernard,

Thank you for your posting. If you are able to push defects just fine, then there should be no issue with the integration itself. In regards to the specific JIRA project, do you have permissions to view issues in that project? This shouldn’t be an issue as you can push new defects into the project but the error you are receiving can show up as well when a specific user does not have access to the given project.

Another suggestion I would make is to run the JIRA integration wizard again and ensure that your JIRA hostname/address is entered correctly. If you would like to troubleshoot this with us in a more secure environment, please feel free to send us a message at along with your screenshots. If its possible for us to see the full hostname/address of your JIRA installation, this would help as well.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for your answer, I’ve just sent a more detailed description of our issue at


Hi Bernard,

Thanks for your reply! I believe we’ve already been in contact and can continue to troubleshoot this via email. We’ll also update this thread if what we find can help others in the future.



Hi Marco,

Could you update this thread with more details how this particular issue was resolved? It’ll help me resolving same issue on our end.


Hi Rob,

Our issue was that the address field value, under Defects --> Defect plugin, “address=https://servername/”, was incorrect. After having added the “/jira” URI to the address, like this :


… the defects details then became viewable through the mouseover feature.

I hope this helps.




Hey Bernard,

Thank you for the update.