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Jira integration 401 error

Hello there.

Well, I saw a lot of different topics about the same issues, but I didn’t resolve my problem. Almost…

I’m sure I’m using correct links and credentials (Jira username and password). I’m sure I’m using an account with administrator access. And after that, I still get a 401 error when clicking on the references link in Testrail.

I researched logs created by debugging mode and found the following output:
{"errorMessages":["You do not have the permission to see the specified issue.","Login Required"],"errors":{}}

I tried to change Jira permissions configuration for the project and at last, I made integration work. But I grant access for everyone on the web. I do not agree with this policy.

To be sure that I found the root of the issue, I broke integration’s configuration by using the wrong username for Jira and suddenly Integration still works. Looks like Testrail didn’t use Jira credentials at all.

I’m testing a trial version with the latest updates. Can it be the reason? Or it doesn’t matter?

Nikita Kaleko.

Hi Nikita,
usually this kind of problem isn’t handled by the community.
Please contact the support directly and add screenshots of your configuration with it.

To grant access in JIRA to everybody is really not needed.