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JIRA+GoogleAuth authentication issues


Our JIRA cloud instance uses google auth to authenticate user access. Because of this we are running into the following issues:

  1. Usernames are not automatically assigned in JIRA when users are created. Once we manually assign a username to a profile in JIRA, we are not sure which password to use in TestRail-Integration configuration to allow the Testrail>Jira interaction.
  2. We are planning to have multiple testers access testrails, utilizing the JIRA integration. If we manually assign JIRA-usernames to these folks, what passwords should they be giving when prompted by TestRail to allow individual user traceability from TR->JIRA

Any thoughts/ideas? How can we get around this?

(Add-on for JIRA cloud is working GREAT! We can see test results in JIRA just fine, just not the other way around :pensive: )


Hello Gerry,

Thanks for your posting! The easiest way to set up the JIRA integration in TestRail is to use a generic JIRA user account. You can simply add a dedicated JIRA user account (e.g. named “testrail”) and then use this user account to configure the integration on Administration > Integration in TestRail (using the JIRA username and the password you would set for this account).

Using a generic account has one small disadvantage when pushing new JIRA issues from TestRail as the reporter in JIRA would be set to the generic user account in this case. That said, the generic user account option is very simple to set up and I would try this as the first step. If this solution is not an option, you could look into setting up per-user authentication in TestRail:

The variables are automatically set up by the integration on Administration > Integration and you would only need to configure the JIRA username and password per user under My Settings. I believe the JIRA API (which is used for the integration) requires setting a separate JIRA password and does not support Google authentication. You should be able to set a separate password (which is also used for the API usage) on the user profile page.

I hope this helps!