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Jira Defect to linked Test Cases Report


I would like to see the report for the created defects in Jira to linked test cases from Test Rail.
Please let me know if i can get the consolidated report


Hi Vidyasagar,

Thanks for your post! You can use the Summary (Defects) report under the reports tab in TestRail to retrieve these details. This report shows a summary of found defects for a milestone, test plan or select test runs, and you can choose which milestones, plans and runs to include in the report (or you can also just include all to get the full list). Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

Thanks for your reply.

This solution has actually helped me to some extent.

But with this, I’m able to get only the Defects for which Test Cases are
linked, But I’m not getting the list of defects for which No Test Case is

Is there any solution for this.