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JIRA custom fields displayed in reference pop-up?


Is it possible to add custom fields to the JIRA integration for references? We have a custom field in our JIRA Cloud instance for Acceptance Criteria and that would be really useful to show when looking at a reference.

I’ve attempted to do this in the same way as you would add a custom field for the push defect integration but to no avail.


Hello Paul,

Thanks for your posting! The Lookup dialog currently always uses the same set of fields but it’s already planned to make this more flexible (similar to the Push dialog with support for custom fields). You can always jump to JIRA to see all issue details by clicking on the issue ID link (or in the Lookup window), but I understand that having additional fields directly in the Lookup dialog would be preferred, of course (and we will look into it!).



Thanks Tobias, this would be really useful for us.


Happy to look into this, thanks again for your feedback!



I would like to see this feature added as well. Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback, Phil!



+1 to this. We have several different teams using TestRail with their own unique JIRA project setup. The following are two use cases reported by one of our testing groups:

  1. “Defect preview tooltips that appear when mousing over a Defect link in the Results & Comments tab on an individual test case are pulling from the Descriptions field rather than the Steps field. Our team uses the latter for bug entry and we would like the tooltip to reflect information from Steps, either instead of or in addition to Descriptions.”

  2. “Similarly, story preview tooltips appearing when mousing over a Reference link on a test case are pulling from Descriptions and not Acceptance Criteria. If we could have it set it to pull from Acceptance Criteria as well as Descriptions, that would be ideal.”


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your feedback. The lookup windows currently always use the description but I understand that having additional fields would be better and making this more flexible is already on our feature request list, especially now that the references support the same lookup (this was only available for defects previously).



Hi Tobias,

I would like to see this feature as well. Any developments happened on this request?
If so, kindly share the information to look and apply.



We too need to show custom fields in the reference pop-up. When will this feature be added?


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to support this, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA to provide for this just yet. With the TestRail Server edition, you would have the option to customize this as this would be included in the defect plugin script, and you can learn more about customizing defect plugins on our website here:

Hope this helps!



I definitely need this for the push bug pop-ups. Any updates on custom field mappings on the cloud version? Server version isn’t an option for us.