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Jira cloud REST returned an error. Invalid user or password or insufficient permissions for integration user

I have a new user in testrail and she is getting error when trying to ‘push’ first result to Jira. Any ideas?

I don’t user JIRA so I can help other than to say that you need a lot more details on the exact error she is getting.

This is exact error below. It only happens for this one new user:


Looks like something still needs to be configured in TR for the user.
I would go thru the above link for the JIRA you are using and double check everything.

Hi @nancyb,
I guess you have configured the Jira connection to use indivudual accounts and not a technical user.
By this, each user has to set his/her user and password in the User Settings (so called “My Settings”) and probably keep it updated.

Ask her to check it…


yes she added her id/pw to ‘my settings’ earlier today. still same error.

mmmh… I’m not sure. In the past I had to care about errors talking about “Invalid user or password…” indicating a wrong or empty user setting.

I guess it is not your first try to integrate with Jira and you have users working succesfully with the integration, correct?
IF NOT I’m with BGanger to check the integration setting, especially the user variables.

Otherwise I would still think about a wrong content in My Settings. In the past I had several user dealing with wrong settings, always complaining about this error and after a personal check, it was working again… Sorry, just silly experiences.

There was a change for using the JIRA email and token to access, but I’m not familiar with it anymore. Probalby find info here:

Last idea might be to check the logs, first the one within TestRail…

Sorry, no ideas anymore right now.


Correct. Not first time with integrating Jira. We have been using for years. We went through using the user variables last year and all has been working great. My only problem now is that we have a new employee that is using testrail and she can’t create Jira issues from testrail results like other users can.

So, the errors differ. Did you change somehing in between?

The new one is very good known to me and is usually related to the former mentioned problem with the user settings. If she has the privs in JIRA of course. :sweat_smile:
Are you sure about her correct settings? I was used to username and password in the past, meanwhile it is the Jira mail id and a token…

Otherwise I’m lost too… Sorry.

yes the error changed a few times this week as I was trying to fix it for her. The last image I posted is where we are now with it. Maybe I should check all lines in the integration settings to see if something is off. but I thought that would affect everyone using testrail, not just one person with issue. Do you know?