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Jira cloud new issue detail view not showing TestRail Details

It appears that the Test Rail results don’t show up under the description section in Jira Cloud.
if you are viewing the new issue detail view on a ticket, If you turn that off in the Jira Labs section, the results appear, this is a problem for our team and I suspect others, anyone find a workaround to this? or know when this will be available to Jira cloud customers with the new issue detail view? (which will sooner than later be the current view).

Hi Larry,

Using the latest Jira interface you may have to enable the TestRail field that should appear under the description box. For newly created Jira accounts this is enabled by default. But in the early days of the new Jira interface, we found that in some cases this is not selected by default.

Please select the below-highlighted option to ensure the TestRail field is enabled.

Perfect, Thanks! Resolved the issue