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Jira Automatic Linking


Is there a way to have automatic linking in Testrail to Jira?
By this I mean if a user enters HGN-23323 Testrail automatically creates the link to that issue in Jira?


Hello Cynthia,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, the new JIRA integration (officially made available today) will show linked test results and cases directly in JIRA once you’ve added the JIRA issue ID to the References or Defects fields in TestRail. This looks as follows:

TestRail 5.0 introduces new JIRA add-ons which you can add directly to JIRA to see your test cases and test results in JIRA. This is in addition to the existing integration via the Push/Lookup features and now provides a full two-way integration with JIRA.

We are happy to help in case you have any questions!