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Jira asks for login instead of displaying testrail overview

I watched a training video for integrating to Jira ( and I see in the video that Jira displays the TestRail overview of a project.

Currently, my Jira shows the following for the TestRail plugin:

How do I get this is work properly without having to open a whole new tab for TestRail? I’d like for this to be seen by all the users in my group as well. Is this possible?

Hello @rkawas,

Thank you for reaching out! The TestRail for Jira app would require a user have a TestRail account as well as the data is pulled in from TestRail to view linked results, runs, and cases. The user would also need to be logged into both systems. If you’ve confirmed you are already logged into TestRail within the same browser, please also make sure sameSite cookies are disabled. You would find this option here:


I hope this helps!

Do you mean this is set separately per Jira user? Or do you mean once this is set by Admin, all other users will be able to have the same view?
I’ve disabled sameSite cookies and the same is still occurring. Is it possible to get live support for integration?

Hi @rkawas,
every JIRA user, who wants to get info from TestRail inside JIRA needs to have a TestRail license.
An old story and often discussed, check here e.g.: