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JIRA add-on updates and JIRA 7.0 support


Hello all,

I just wanted to quickly mention our latest JIRA add-on update here and the support for JIRA 7.0 we released today:

Also, if you are using TestRail together with JIRA, we would also highly appreciate answering a few quick questions (only takes 3 minutes!):



Was this update only for JIRA 7? Because JIRA 6 users get v. on new installs, and existing installs of v. don’t see a new update available in the Manage Add-Ons page.


Hi there,

The latest build we published today is for JIRA 7.0, as we need to maintain separate builds for different JIRA versions as JIRA had some breaking changes. But all new features we mentioned in the posting apply to JIRA 6.x as well and we actually published the features earlier last and this week, so the build you mentioned is the latest one with all features.