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Jest to TestRail reporter

Hi, friends!

I have published the Jest to TestRail reporter package testrail-jest-reporter - npm.

This Reporter uses versions by TestRail Milestone and adds test results to test Runs that already exist in your TestRail project, and does not create new ones each time Jest runs, like other Jest to TestRail packages.

If you’ll find a bug, or if you need additional functionality, you are welcome to create an issue


Hey Anton,

Thank you so much for your contribution. I have already bookmarked it for future references.


The new version 1.1.0 of the Reporter was published
What’s new:

  • Added support of updating existing TestRail Runs with new Cases
    If your Milestone has a Run for a Suite and your Jest has test of a TestRail Case that is not included in this Run then the Reporter will update this Run with already included and new cases
  • Adding a new Run if your Milestone has no Runs for the Suite of new Case
    If your Milestone has no Runs or your Jest has a Case from a Suite for which your Milestone does not have Runs then the Reporter will add a new Run to your Milestone
  • Fixed Node 10.x maintenance