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Jenkins Integration



We currently run test scripts in jenkins and would like these to update runs and results within TestRail. I have seen that there was a jenkins plugin (SimplyMeasured) for this but I cannot find it anywhere. In the mean time I have been using the API to add a run and update it with a result.

Please could you advise if there is anything out there that can do this for us from Jenkins as I am more than likely going to have to write a script to run all of the API calls (passing in arguments).



Hello Duncan,

Thanks for your posting. It seems that the SimplyMeasured plugin is no longer available on GitHub (at least publicly). You can always use the API directly (and our bindings for various programming languages):

We are also happy to help in case you have any questions.




Sorry for necromancing this thread, but it is pretty much the exact same question I have.

I’m currently evaluating TestRail for my company, and one of our requirements is to export test results from Robot Framework and Protractor into TestRail. I’m really hopeful we can find a way for Jenkins to handle this instead of having each test tool directly call into TestRail’s API.

We found a fork of SimplyMeasured’s Jenkins plug-in (Link), but it also appears to have been abandoned.

Is there a recommended plugin for Jenkins, or is direct API access by each test tool the way to go?



Hi there!

We usually highly recommend directly integrating TestRail’s API into your test automation scripts instead of using a specific Jenkins plugin. This way your tests would directly submit the results to TestRail, whether they are triggered manually or via Jenkins. This is also usually much more flexible, as a Jenkins plugin would only be able to submit results on specific XML files or tools. We have many teams using TestRail this way with Jenkins and many other CI systems and this approach has proven to be very robust and flexible.

Directly integrating TestRail’s API with your test automation scripts would be much more flexible, would result in integration with Jenkins and this is easier to maintain usually:

I hope this helps!



Sorry for not posting this sooner but after last posting I decided to make a plugin myself. It’s been some time since I used it as I moved jobs however I am now resurrecting it and will be making it available within github asap.

I will keep you posted.



Hi Duncan,

That would be great, looking forward to the integration :slight_smile:



Any word on the integration? I’d be happy to test and report back.


Hi Kip,

Thanks for your posting! We haven’t got an update but it’s also planned to look into this ourselves for a future version. I believe there are also various TestRail and Jenkins plugins already on GitHub:



Hi Duncan,
Could you please share the custom plugin you have.





We currently run our API tests from Jenkins and would like these to update runs and results in TestRail. Also can anybody tell me how to integrate TestRail’s API into test automation scripts. We are using postman/newman to build API tests. Any help would be highly appreciated.